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About Nathalie Bureau

Nathalie is a 3rd Generation Document Examiner and Handwriting Analyst. She delivers trusted analyses and expert witness testimony. With direct communication to the examiner doing the work, and timely, reliable reporting when requested, Bureau Forensic Document Examination makes your case a priority. There is peace of mind in the personal attention Nathalie provides her client's case-needs, as a document examiner.

Why Choose Nathalie?


Nathalie Bureau provided an expert analysis of both signatures and other handwriting in a contractual dispute arising in an estate. Her report, which was prepared promptly and in compliance with the Civil Procedure Rules, provided valuable and detailed analysis that advanced my client’s cause. At the trial of the matter, she was qualified by the court as an expert, presented well, and gave straightforward, credible evidence. I will have no hesitation in using her services in the future and can recommend her to anyone needing expert handwriting analysis

John Rafferty Burchell MacDougall Lawyers, NS

Nathalie Bureau was retained to prepare an expert report and to act as an expert witness, to determine if the handwriting on an envelope was that of a specific person. Nathalie’s report and viva vice evidence were clear, convincing, and cogent. The adjudicator favoured Nathalie’s evidence about who had written on the envelope, even despite the author appearing at the hearing and testifying that it was not her handwriting. I would recommend Nathalie to anyone needing an expert in forensic document examination

Mark Melcher Partner, Cohen Highley, ON

Ms. Nathalie Bureau was a pleasure to work with on a recent litigation matter of our firm. Her report was the foundation of our case and was instrumental in facilitating a great settlement for our client. Ms. Bureau quickly delivered a detailed and thorough analysis in her initial report, as well as, an excellent critique of the subsequent responding report

Anita Landry Partner, Colautti Landry Law Professional Corporation

Our client was dealing with a complex estate issue involving alleged fraud. We retained the services of Nathalie Bureau at Bureau Forensic Document Examination to examine the documents in question. Nathalie was extremely professional and efficient. She provided a timely, detailed analysis with extremely valuable insight into the issue which will no doubt have a positive impact on the client’s outcome at trial. Nathalie was also aware of the civil procedure requirements for expert evidence and complied with these rules to ensure her report was admitted into evidence.

Kyle MacMullin Sampson McPhee Lawyers, NS

Nathalie Bureau provided her forensic document examination services in a timely and dependable manner. Her testimony also led to the confession of the Respondent admitting to her testimony. We highly recommend Nathalie Bureau as a forensic document examiner and will be retaining her in the future as needed

Joe Hoffer Partner, Cohen Highley LLP. ON

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