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A report expresses the findings of the examiner. Having a clear, concise report that communicates the opinion is a cornerstone in having the truth of your case understood.

There are two types of reports to choose depending on the needs of the case at hand.

Opinion Letter

This short report expresses what was asked of the examiner and what the final opinion is. There is no comprehensive detail or proof included. Sometimes this letter is sufficient, for the needs of a case. The second type of report is a

Detailed Report

This comprehensive explanation and illustrated proof of opinion is where the examiner takes time to illustrate and explain the characteristics and findings of the examination which support the opinion that was rendered.

Often, a well written and comprehensive report can stimulate a decision for a settlement, allowing for a quick case-resolution. Court fees can often be avoided with a quality, detailed report.  

A well written and well illustrated report is a crucial part of reporting an opinion. Proper grammar and concise language on the part of the examiner saves time and money for the client.

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